hi. i'm adam

I create designs that build photographer brands and help everyday photo lovers share their biggest life memories. 

all around creative guy.

i'm going to be honest...

The Modern Collective was
born from my habit of turning my hobbies into careers.

And let me tell you, I'm not mad about it. Each day I get to show up and do what I love all while helping people do what they love, too. There's something pretty cool about that. 

My first creative passion was photography. I started photographing Minnesota seniors and families in 2008. Two years later, I created The Modern Collective to share my love for design.

other hobbies future careers

all up for consideration on the daily.

plant shop owner

have you ever met a plant person you didn't like?

pickle taste tester

I may or may not eat a pickle every night before bed. (or two or three)

interior designer

because my favorite place to be is at home.

dog clothing shop owner

if you're an obsessed dog parent, you get it. 

so what does
the modern collective offer?



from the blog

for all their photo needs

and they're FREE with Adobe CC

photo goods
for the everyday
photo lovers.