8 Fonts I’m Loving Right Now! (and they’re free)



I’m going to let you in on a little secret today that I recently realized that MANY photographers didn’t know about… are you ready?

Meet your new friend, ADOBE FONTS!

Did you know that with your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription you also get access to a massive collection of well-built, high-quality, commercial use fonts for free? Yep, it’s true! And possibly my favorite part of it all is that they are incredibly easy to install into Photoshop or any other Adobe program you have installed. (Illustrator, InDesign, etc) Like big red easy-button, easy!

Before I share more on that, here are my 8 favorite Adobe Fonts I’m loving right now. If you love them too I may just share more!

No. 1 – Gopher
No. 2 – Bely Display
No. 3 – IvyPresto Display
No. 4 – KazimirText

No. 5 – La Bohemienne
No. 6 – Tenez
No. 7 – Sweet Sans Pro
No. 8 – Swear Display

How to install Adobe Fonts

Remember me saying that my favorite part is how easy Adobe Fonts are to install? They really are! All you have to do is log-in to your adobe account, click on the links for the fonts above, and toggle the ‘activate font’ button in the top right of any font page. It automatically adds the activated font into your installed Adobe programs, instantly! Adobe… my downloads folder thanks you!

So tell me, which of these fonts is your favorite?

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